Ruffin' It Services

Services Offered

  • Private walks - 30 minutes
  • Group - 1 hour
  • Puppy visits - 30 minutes



private dog walk

$30.00/Private 30 minute walk


Group dog walk

$26.00/Group walks - 1 hour

Puppy Visit

Puppy visit

$20.00 / 30 minute visit


- Group and Private walks are never outside of service area.
- There is a hard max of 5 dogs at a time per Group walk.
- Discounted price for additional dogs from same household
- No off leash play in non-fenced areas.
- Evening, Weekend and Holiday walks are subject to $5 additional fee.
- All rates subject to HST.
24 hour cancellation policy or full service charge will apply

Service Area

Leslieville, Riverdale, Riverside, Upper Beaches. (Broadview to Kingston and Eastern to Gerrard)

Ruffin' It Dog Walking Service Area Map

Ruffin' It gives your dog the special care it deserves.